New wave coffe-shop in the Budapest suburbs

Project background
Funder of Fekete, a prosperous new-wave coffeshop in Budapest wanted to open a new business in the suburbs. This new place is major, a small coffeeshop, eatery, community- and coworking space in the heart of Budaörs. We were asked to design a logo emblem, and give guides and context on how they should use it later on.
The idea
Major is about building community. We wanted to keep the emblem dead simple but gambling, something that they could easily use on badges, shirts, aprons, coffee cups or anywhere they would want to. We wanted to evoke the cub community atmosphere too.
The meaning behind the emblem
The emblem represents a lovely little suburbian playing field with a tree in the middle, and with major on the left. The graphics was kept really simple though. The emblem also represents a donut. The typo is placed between 12AM and 3PM which actually is the time when they serve their special lunch offer.
Next project
Introducing Hungary to the blockchain technology
Appearance for Blockchaineum, the company behind the first Budapest conference and contest in blockchain. 
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