Hyperlocal communication app, Parashout

Project background
Parashout TM is a Budapest based social media app providing unprecedented location-based messaging and posting features with the approach of bringing it's users closer back to real-life relationships and adventures.
The idea
The strong identity of parashout TM is standing solid on it's logo. The visual identifier contains a logo emblem, and a logotype.
The meaning behind the emblem
Logo represents the main functions of the app. The emblem is the mixture of a parachute, and a location pin. Emblem is constructed from one symbol (a location pin built up by a drop) with strict ratios. Emblem constructed on a a strict 3:1 ratio. Logotype places the emblem to the place where the 'O' letter should stand.
Next project
Introducing Hungary to the blockchain technology
Appearance for Blockchaineum, the company behind the first Budapest conference and contest in blockchain. 
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