About Humanist digital

Humanist digital is a human first product design studio operating in Budapest, Hungary. We are a firm formed by young creatives and craftsman with high interest in technology, digitalism and design.
We have mixed feelings about the direction where advertising, media, the world wide web and our overall environment is heading. We envision a more friendly, a more useable, more loveable, more intuitive and less harmful place to live in.
We take on projects from Hungary, the EU and from overseas as well. We believe in no project is too big, and no client is too small.
Our services


We are building a human-first product design consultancy in Budapest. We are constantly looking for commited professionals and talented intrants to expand our team.
Come and work with us, our office is in the city centre, we work from 9AM–5PM every weekday. In all cases we offer unlimited coffee, fun projects, competitive salary and the very new computer of your choice.
Project manager
Full stack developer
Junior designer
Q&A tester (contract)

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